18 November 2015

There has been a little uncertainty as to whether counter battens need grading to BS5534. Marley supplies high grade specialty battens that have been successfully used for many years.

Counter battens do fall within BS5534:2014. However they do NOT fall within the identification, marking and grading requirements. They should be fit for purpose and of sufficient size to fulfil the purpose they were designed for.

Marley can confirm that counter battens DO NOT need grading.

In section 4.11 The Standard does refer to battens and counter battens. However counter battens need only comply with sections 4.11.1 Timber Species and counter battens. They do not require grading as per Annex D

The dimensions of counter battens should be sufficient to provide a ventilation gap as recommended in BS5250 and/or to provide a drainage path beneath the battens.

Marley offers a full range of counter and small section battens ranging from 6 x 25 to 50 x 50. 

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