04 September 2015

There are many things to consider when looking for the right roof tile or slate for your project, from pitch, to materials to the weight of the product.

We have pulled together the below checklist of eight things to consider:

1. Pitch

The pitch of your roof will dictate what products you can use. The minimum pitch for all of our products can be found either in the product brochure or within the products pages here on the website located within the technical tab.

2. Materials

There are three materials you can choose from:

Clay – Available in a wide range of colours and styles from the modern and precise through to heritage handcrafted. Clay roof tiles offer exceptional long-term aesthetics and performance
Concrete – Concrete provides an affordable alternative to natural materials and is available in a wide range of profiles, shapes and colours to suit a multitude of roof types.
Slate – Our fibre cement slates are a man-made alternative to natural slate. The precision quality of fibre cement combines ease of installation with performance and affordability.

3. Colour/Texture/Profile

Our range of concrete and clay tiles and fibre cement slates come in a variety of colours, textures and profiles all able to achieve a unique aesthetic.

4. Weight

If the existing structure has weight restrictions, then fibre cement slates offer a low weight, securely fixed solution. 

5. Roof Design

A roof with a complex design incorporating a lot of features and potential tile cuts may be more suitable to small clay or concrete plain tiles.

6. Sustainability

The roof is an ideal platform for sustainable technologies such as photovoltaic, or solar thermal panels, or more recently, pollution busting tiles like EcoLogic.

7. Rafter Lengths

In instances of long rafter lengths, it may be better to use profiled tiles that provide channels and increased speed of drainage.

8. Planning

It is important that whatever product you wish to choose is in keeping with the local vernacular and meets with local planning requirements if applicable.

Added to this, you also need to think about fixing methods and ventilation.

Online Product Selector

However, while this may seem like a lot to think about, we have developed an easy-to-use, online product selector tool which can help you find suitable tiles, fittings and accessories.

It takes you through three easy stages:

1. Materials – clay, concrete or fibre cement.  You can choose one or a combination of all three

Product Selector - Step 1

2. Finish -  either flat and/or profiled

Product Selector - Step 2

3. Pitch – you can specify your pitch, but don’t worry if you don’t know, we can still recommend suitable products

Product Selector - Step 3

It will then suggest a number of suitable products. From here you can select the product you’re interested in, view related fittings and accessories and request samples.  It will also provide useful downloads and product information:

Fittings & Accessories

If further support is needed, the product selector also has links to our technical support team or your local Marley specialist.

So, in short, selecting the right roof tile or slate for your product isn’t necessarily a daunting task.  As always, we’re here to help and answer any questions you may have - please contact us on 01283 722588 or ask us on Twitter @MarleyEternit

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