The Construction Products Regulation and CE Mark

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) came into force in July 2013, and from this date, all construction products covered by an EN Standard, will be required to carry an appropriate CE Mark. In accordance with the regulation, the CE Mark should either display the performance characteristics of the product, or easily reference where a full Declaration of Performance (DoP) can be obtained.

To ensure full compliance, Marley has updated all packaging to include either a full or abbreviated CE Mark. The abbreviated mark, permitted under the standard, will be applied to the majority of packaging and will contain all essential information and reference the location of the full DoPs on the company website.

For your information, an abbreviated CE Mark contains the following:

  • The DoP reference
  • The direct web address where the full Declaration of Performance can be found
  • The relevant standard to which the product has been manufactured
  • What the product is
  • The intended use


To download a Declaration of Performance, please click on the appropriate link below, or alternatively, if you require a product specific DoP for our roofing range, please complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page.


Clay roof tiles and fittings: Declaration of Performance

 - English
 - Dutch 
 - French 
 - German

Clay interlocking tiles and fittings: Declaration of Performance

- English

Fibre cement slates and fittings: Declaration of Performance

 - English

Concrete tiles and fittings: Declaration of Performance

 - English

Fibre cement profiled sheets and fittings: Declaration of Performance

 - English
 - Danish

GRP rooflights

 - English


EQUITONE [natura], [pictura], [textura]: Declaration of Performance

- English

EQUITONE [tectiva]: Declaration of Performance

- English

Cedral Weatherboard: Declaration of Performance

- English

Operal: Declaration of Performance

- English

Graded Timber

- English

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