<p>Dishing up an overclad solution</p>

In this article Marley takes a look at how a 1960s office building in Brighton seafront was transformed using a fibre cement Cedral Weatherboard overclad solution.

Moore House on Black Lion Street in Brighton had been a neglected five-storey concrete and brick clad building that had been used for offices. It had a reputation for being cold and draughty, with an uninteresting, high-maintenance façade.

It was decided that the building needed completely refurbishing inside and out and one of the first issues faced by the developer was how to upgrade the brick facade at the front of the building. Although the client wished to retain this weatherboard look, they were eager to eliminate the ongoing maintenance requirements it was creating.

The decision was therefore taken early on in the project to use a fibre cement rainscreen overclad insulation solution. The architect specified fibre cement Cedral Weatherboard because its subtly textured surface creates the visual appeal of timber, but without the ongoing maintenance issues.

Specifying a rainscreen cladding insulation solution using fibre cement overcladding is also a cost effective way of achieving a thermal upgrade, bringing existing structures up to modern performance standards.

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