Top Training by David Cassell

training centre manager

A quick interview with David Cassell (Training Manager) 

How long have you work for Marley Eternit? 

I’ve ‘worked’ for Marley on 3 separate occasions! I had 4 years (1977-81) as a ‘Marley Sponsored Student Apprentice’ while I did my degree, but that doesn’t really count as employment even though I did 12 months placement and had to work for them during summer holidays! I then worked for 5 years (1981-86) as a Roofing Contracts Manager with the old Marley Contract Services. I left for a year, then returned as a Technical Sales Rep in 1987, moving into training 11 years later up till the present day. So it’s only really that last bit that counts – which will be 31 years on 1st November this year! Totally confused!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

The favourite part of my job is passing on my knowledge to other people particularly new-comers to the roofing industry, in the hope that they will have a great career in the industry too. I’d like to think that some of my enthusiasm for roofing might rub off on them too.

Why is training so important?

Training is as important to merchants as it is to anyone else. Compared to when I first started in roofing there is now a bewildering array of products. Merchant staff need to be aware of those products and their functions in order to advise their customers and meet their requirements. 

Have you noticed any trends when it comes to training? 

The ‘system approach’ to roofing has become paramount in recent years to ensure technical compliance and maximise profit.  Many systems (such as Marley Eternit Universal) now come pre-packaged and merchant staff often want to know what components are in the boxes and how they go together, rather than merely handing boxes over to their customers. In particular, there is a desire to understand more about the ever-increasing move to dry fix roofing, prompted by changes to BS5534 and the introduction of BS8612 earlier this year.

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