Fibre cement

Fibre cement offers both contemporary and flexible design options, and is used by many architects to create stunning roofs and facades. The simple combination of wood cellulose, synthetic fibres, water and cement make fibre cement one of the most ecological and universal building products on the market, available in small format slates through to large decorative cladding panels.

The cement content is sourced from regional quarries and the cellulose from sustainable forests. The slates and sheets (flat or profiled) themselves are thin and compact, so easy to store and result in less volume for transport.

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Our range of concrete roof tiles use in excess of 10% of recycled material (Ecologic uses not less than 55%). Used with our dry fix and ventilation accessories, they offer complete roofing solutions that can incorporate high levels of thermal insulation; ventilation without condensation and simple, fast installation with no mortar.


Our clay plain tiles are manufactured from locally sourced Etruria Marl, which is generally accepted as the finest clay for strength and durability, from a quarry operating to ISO 14001. Our kite-marked manufacturing plant with its state of the art handling, processing and firing systems, ensures our clay tiles are produced using the very latest technology.

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