Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business can only succeed if we comply with the principles of sustainable development. Consequently, we must ensure that respect – for the people we work with, the communities we live in, and the environment we operate in - is at the very core of our activities.

Community Activities

As much as reducing the company's impact on the environment is about improving manufacturing processes and cutting down energy usage, it is also about giving back to the local community and having a sense of social responsibility.

Marley Eternit - Corporate community activities

At Burton upon Trent we reclaimed a disused sand quarry, and transformed the land into a fishing lake and local beauty spot, which is now frequented by members of the public for leisure activities such as dog walking, angling and bird watching.

We also sponsor the Burton Junior Football League, which has some 300 teams and approximately 5,000 children (aged 7-18) playing in its various league competitions.

At our Keele factory, a number of successful projects have been run in conjunction with local schools and community groups to drive home the environmental message. 

At Beenham, similar work has taken place to improve the lake at the north of the site. In the spare time staff carried out work to clear a path around the lake and remove the overgrown vegetation resulting in an area to enjoy wildlife.

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