Cement and Timber Supply - Minimising our environmental impact through responsible sourcing

We select timber, used for our decking, battens & shingles, from FSC & PEFC managed forests, this guarantees that the wood used can be traced back to responsible forestry.

We choose cement suppliers are chosen for their proximity to factories in order to minimise transport distances. We source wood cellulose for fibre cement production from eco-certified plantations (FSC & PEFC).

We select timber, used in our pallets, from FSC managed forests, and wherever possible, recyclable cardboard and plastics are used for banding, interleaves, bags and boxes. Responsible sourcing is going to take on more importance in the coming years. The Strategy for Sustainable Construction has a target coming into effect in 2012 for 25% of all construction products to be responsibly sourced.

The UK Contractors Group also has a target for 100% of products specified to be responsibly sourced by 2015. That is why we feel it’s a vital addition to our offer.

We assess the standard annually with a long term strategy of continuous improvement, with the aim of eventually achieving an ‘Excellent’ rating.



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