Canterbury Handmade Clay Plain Roof Tiles

True to tradition

  • 400 minimum pitch
  • Available with traditional handmade fittings and decorative accessories
  • A natural product with A+ environmental credentials (BREEAM)
  • Frost tested to BS EN 539-2
  • Manufactured from Etruria Marl, considered the finest quality for strength and durability
  • All 3 colours can be mixed on the roof for a truely bespoke blend called "Canterbury Mix."
  • Request a sample or the new brochure
  • See history in the making with our short YouTube clip

Nothing compares to handmade clay roof tiles. That's why our new range of Canterbury handmade roof tiles are created true to tradition.

The traditional handmaking process ensures that each tile is as unique as the hands that made them. Available in three colours with a range of traditional fittings they are perfect for premium roofs and heritage work where only genuine handmade clay plain tiles may be specified to meet planning requirements.

For extra versatility the colour range can be mixed together on the roof to create your own personal blend.

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Size of Tile

265mm x 165mm

Minimum Pitch


Maximum Pitch


Minimum Headlap

65mm (roof)

35mm (vertical)

Maximum Gauge

100mm (roof)    

115mm (vertical)

Cover Width

165mm (nominal)

Covering Capacity

60 tiles m2 at 100mm gauge (roof)

53 tiles m2 at 115mm gauge (vertical)


Weight of Tiling

74 kg/m2 (0.73kN/m2) at 100mm gauge (roof)

66 kg/m2 (0.64kN/m2) at 115mm gauge (vertical)


Battens Required

10.0 lin.m/m2 at 100mm gauge (roof)  

8.7 lin.m/m2 at 115mm gauge (roof)

Batten Size Recommended

38 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres (fixed to BS 5534)

Tile Nails

38mm x 2.65mm

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Country of Production

Keele, UK

Environmental Management


Quality Management


Health and Safety Management


LCA study

Can achieve a BRE 'A+' rating


Cured in gas fired kilns

Raw materials

Clay, sand, pigments and additives


> 60 years


Can be crushed and used as aggregate and/or as an inert bulk fill

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