Clay in line tile vent

Function and compatibility

  • Provides weathertight ventilation in the roof slope
  • For natural, mechanical or soil pipe ventilation
  • Ideal where cross flow ventilation cannot be achieve
  • Advantages
  • Almost invisible from ground level
  • Clay tile slips to match roof covering
  • 7,500m2 free vent area
  • Ideal for roof space ventilation, mechanical extract or soil pipe ventilation
  • 30-60 degrees pitched roofs
  • Can be adapted for use with a flexi pipe
  • Marley clay in-line vents are contoured to match the tile profile and with real tile slips, provide completely unobtrusive, almost invisible roof slope ventilation. They are ideal for roof designs where the normal airpath may be blocked or where it is not possible to provide normal eaves or ridge ventilation. They easy and fast to install and can provide natural, mechanical or soil pipe ventilation.

    Not suitable for the extraction of hot gasses

    For mechanical or soil pipe ventilation, adaptors can be purchased separately

    Can connect up to a 110mm diameter pipe

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