Universal ridge roll for fibre cement slates

Function and compatibility

  • Provides completely mortar-free mechanically fixed ridge
  • Provides 5mm continuous ventilation along ridge
  • Suitable for use with any fibre cement ridges or hips
  • Advantages
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Dry fix system
  • Suitable for fibre cement duo pitched ridge tiles
  • Pitch range 15° - 60°
  • Meets BS 5534 and BS 8612 requirements and NHBC guidelines
  • Marley Universal Ridge Roll is designed to provide a totally dry fixed, ventilated and weathertight means of securing fibre cement ridge or hip tiles. Simple and fast to install, every unit is mechanically fixed, eliminating the need for mortar completely. The Universal ridge roll for fibre cement slates is compatible with all Marley fibre cement ridge and hip tiles, including those of other manufacturers.

    To find out more about the new British Standard BS 8612: Dry Fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge Systems for Slating and Tiling - Specification click here.

    Duo pitch ridge or hip tiles must be secured with 4 No 60mm x 14mm gauge self sealing screws - 50mm from the ends

    An alkali based 6mm diameter butyl strip should be used to seal across the socket

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