GRP slate valley system

Function and compatibility

  • Provides a completely mortar-free, dry fixed valley
  • Suitable for all Marley fibre cement slates
  • Advantages
  • Robust and durable valley solution
  • Maintenance free
  • Shape and profile maximises water discharge rate
  • Can accommodate up to 15 degree pitch variance
  • Valleys are one of the most vulnerable parts of the roof. Marley fibre cement slate GRP dry valleys provide totally weathertight detailing that is fast and easy to install and compatible with all Marley fibre cement slates.

    Can be used on pitches between 22.5 and 45 degrees

    Accommodates up to a 15 degree pitch variance either side of the valley

    Continuous support for the valley through must be provided using ply boards

    For valley lengths over 5m or pitches under 35 degrees, please contact the Marley technical advisory service

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