New Topfix Wood Fixings for Profiled Sheet

New to the market and unrivalled, introducing our new 130mm wood stainless steel fixing (Item no. 4069996), fills a much needed industry gap and is capable of resisting years of corrosion from salt, chemicals or coastline environments. This is an exciting premium product to hit the market which will protect the quality and value of your customers’ builds for years to come. 

For regular installations of Marley Eternit profiled sheet we now manufacture the 130mm carbon steel topfix fastener for wood sub structures

Both fasteners can be ordered and delivered on time, every time. Please see product measurements below. 

Wood Sub Structure Stainless Steel Topfix Fastener

  • Item Code: 4069996 – Stainless Steel – 130mm length, 66-69mm Thread Length, WL 44-46mm
  • Anti-Corrosion for aggressive coastal regions

Wood Substructure Carbon Steel Topfix Fastener

  • Item Code: 4069994 – Carbon Steel, 130mm Screw Length, 66-69mm Thread Length, WL 44-46mm
  • Anti-Corrosion, coated for regular applications

Why order from us

  • No Downtime - correct quantities correct with every sheet order delivered direct to site
  • Suitable for roofing and cladding installations

Call your Area Sales Manager for more information on our fixings launch offer through September, October and November - see our blog page. Take advantage and receive free fixings – Alternatively contact your local stockist

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