Marketing Manager

Closing date: 30th August 2019

Job Title / Location: Marketing Manager / Burton Head Office

Job Profile

We are looking for an experienced and versatile marketing manager who has a proven ability to identify opportunities and deliver effective customer lead strategies to generate results. The position will have responsibility for our Technical Advisory Services Team to manage and develop our market leading services for the provision of on and offline technical information and roof system support. 

Key Responsibilities

Create compelling marketing communication strategies, leveraging digital marketing, to improve/ease CX and generate results. Drive campaign management for customer acquisition and lead nurturing programmes across multiple channels.  Delivery of defined customer engagement strategies and application to CRM 
Develop our technical suite of digital applications to deliver market leading solutions that support our customer, create lead generation and ensure full compliance with regulations
Develop further a customer-centric culture ensuring each team member clearly understands how their role contributes to the overall department and business objectives.
Identify and nurture individual strengths, creating an environment where the team are motivated, productive and high performing.  Implement and maintain efficient data management systems, to ensure quality and management tools are used to enhance the value of our Company data
Ensure strict compliance to Data Protection rules and principles.  Support and in some cases, lead departmental, company or regional projects.  Ensure communications are in line with the Company brand guidelines, values and ambition, with a focus on providing real value to our customers 
Maintain focus on safety at all times, constantly vigilant and proactive in respect of recognising and reporting hazards, ensuring high levels of awareness, and taking a continuous improvement approach to the working environment and safety behaviours in respect of self, colleagues and any other third parties/visitors
Always seek to add value, applying lean principles, wherever applicable
Any other duties that are considered to be within the capability of the job holder that may be required from time to time

Qualifications and Skills
Relevant degree and / or CIM related discipline or the equivalent relevant experience.  Possess strong analytical capability and marketing knowledge in formulating effective strategies.  Knowledge of database marketing strategies / segmentation and digital / social strategies. Proven data management experience 
Strong project management skills, analytical skill, excellent written and verbal communication
Previous coaching and training experience or able to clearly demonstrate an understanding of different learning styles and techniques.  Track record of delivering results.  Demonstrate ability to think analytically and creatively


Team orientated, Self-motivated and results driven, Conscientious and manages time efficiently, Ability to build relationships, Flexibility to accommodate ever-changing environment and demands

Significant Relationships

Internal: Marketing, Enquiry Management Team, External Sales, Customer Services, Samples, Technical Advisory External: Customers (direct and indirect customers), external agencies, suppliers, industry organisations

To apply for this position please fill in the form below and email your CV to or post to HR Careers, Marley Ltd, Lichfield Road, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 3HD.


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