Acme Double Camber - Classic Red Smooth

Marley's latest Acme Double Camber clay plain tile used on Henley-on-Thames project.

When an existing building is extended, a key element of the success of any construction project is often based on whether a seamless match in terms of tiling solutions for the roofing space can be found.  

Marley pulled out the stops recently to help a customer overcome this challenge and complete a roofing project, which included the supply of its brand new classic red smooth acme double camber tile before it had even launched.

The customer, based in Henley-on-Thames, was undertaking an extension at his property and wanted to find a suitable roof tile match so the new build roofing space would blend in effortlessly with the older part of his property.

All in the detail

Having enquired with Marley about the feasibility of acquiring some of the previously installed tiles to create the match in style and colour, Marley’s Regional Sales Director, Andrew Rooke, took up the case to assist him to find a satisfactory solution.

Andrew Rooke comments: “During initial discussions, it became clear that a soon-to-be-launched Marley product – a new classic red smooth acme double camber tile – could well be the perfect answer. The challenge was that the new tile was yet to officially enter the market.

“Undeterred, we were able to supply a sample from the new tile’s trial production run so that it could be evaluated on site in terms of its suitability. The answer came back that it would be ideal in terms of matching the existing roofing aesthetics, and that the homeowner loved the look of the all-new classic red smooth acme double camber tile.”

Determined to ensure the customer got the very best service, Marley subsequently arranged that the required small quantity of the new product from the trial run was supplied without delay, so the roofing project could be completed on time without waiting for the new product’s formal launch into the marketplace.



  • Acme Double Camber - Classic Red Smooth



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Close up view Marley Clay plain tiles
Top view showing Marley Acme Double Camber Classic Red Smooth