Deliveries and Collections

Our aim is to ensure we get our products to you as soon and as conveniently as possible. Please find below guidance for product deliveries, collections, lead times and other methods of supply.
  • All deliveries are made between 8.00 – 17.00 at unspecified times
  • Deliveries are made to kerb side and require hard standing ground
  • Charges will be applied to all deliveries which take over 1 hour
  • Someone needs to be on site to accept delivery
  • Drivers have the right to refuse to offload material if deemed unsafe
  • Marley endeavour to deliver on the agreed date. However, the date or time cannot be guaranteed and we do not accept liability of consequential losses
  • Deliveries must comply with Marley’s small order surcharge
  • Orders should be placed with the Customer Services Department prior to the driver arriving on site
  • Collection orders will be available from the date shown on-line or provided on your order acknowledgement
  • If arriving before 8am, please ensure that the order has been processed by referring to the open orders page.
  • Once the vehicle has been loaded it is the responsibility of the customer or their designated haulier to check the load and sign the proof of collection

Information required on collection:

  • The Marley sales document number (supplied on your order acknowledgement or from the open order summary) or alternatively your customer order number
  • An overview of what is being collected to allow the driver to check their load prior to leaving site
Lead times

Please note that delivery times are subject to vehicle & material availability.


  • Deliveries – 2 working days
  • Deliveries to North/West Scotland are subject to an additional 2 working day delivery window


  • Deliveries – 3 working days
  • Orders less than 5,000 pieces are subject to an additional 2 working day delivery window
  • Deliveries to North/West Scotland are subject to an additional 4 working day delivery window

*For wagon and drag mechanical offload, please allow 2 extra days rolling

Small orders

A £75 surcharge will be applied to orders that require the delivery of a small quantity or low value of items as per the following criteria. The order must be delivered in full on the same date.

  • For main products, the delivered quantity of tiles must be at least 2 full pallets
  • For fittings and accessories the value of the sales order must exceed £300.00