Marley split decision batten end clip campaign - secures dry verge in accordance with BS 8612

Split Decision?

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Our batten end clip has been designed to prevent splitting battens, making it easier to install dry verge even more securely, in accordance with BS 8612 and BS 5534.


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  • Multiple serrations create nail-free secure fixings to battens
  • Galvanised steel, one piece construction - robust and durable
  • Fixing hole array allows secure, quick and easy fixing to the batten end
  • Ensures nail fixing in accordance with BS 5534
  • Can be easily pushed on my hand
  • Flexible installation - no need for screws
  • Can be fixed in place before or after the tiles are laid
Marley batten end clip easy to install and secure dry verge in accordance with BS 8612

What does the dry fix Standard mean for you?

The innovative Batten End Clip has been designed to make it easier for roofers to install dry verges in accordance with the new British standard BS 8612.

The clip has been developed specifically to meet new dry verge fixing requirements outlined in BS 8612: Dry-fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge Systems for Slating and Tiling. As well as introducing minimum performance criteria, the new British Standard states that dry verge products can no longer be installed just with a nail straight into the end grain of the batten. Instead, they must be clipped or screwed into place.

This new c-shaped clip is a quick and easy way of complying with BS 8612, providing a strong fix into the centre of the batten. The clip is designed to fit securely onto the end of the batten, with a robust metal plate for the dry verge to be fixed into, keeping the nail locked into place.

Watch our Batten End Clip Video to know more about the key features:

Split decision, batten end clip advantages

Beat the clock and relax!


  • Our Batten End Clip can be easily pushed on by hand either before or after tiles are laid.


  • Relax as our Batten End Clip is ensuring a secure fixing and complies with the latest British Standards.

Don't let it happen to you!


  • Are you installing in accordance with the British Standards 8612?


  • Avoid being called back to repair a loose dry verge!


Split decision don't let it happen to you
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