Timber Batten

Marley timber battens – exceptional quality is our standard

We are the first manufacturer to pioneer graded marked roof battens, and to date remain the leaders in setting standards for wood battens in the roofing industry. This is because we have no tolerance for error within the BS 5534 standard. At Marley, only kiln-dried sideboards of slow grown timber are used, which we subject to high technology laser grading machines, guarantying the highest quality and consistency of each timber roofing batten. Our timber is also PEFC and FSC certified to ensure the integrity and sustainability of our timber supply.


What to look for in graded timber roof battens?

Each timber batten is checked on both ends to ensure the correct rate of growth of the timber used, then checked again for splits, fissures, and slope of grain. We then measure the knot, knot position, and distortion of the batten, whilst also looking for resin pockets, sap stains and any evidence of decay or insect attack. Each Marley roof batten then undergoes a dimension tolerance to ensure the precision we are known for.