Human Resources

With a small, highly professional team, we are responsible for HR strategy and company-wide support.

Our overarching vision is to maximise the performance and potential of our employees to deliver the company strategic objectives. So, as well as the usual day-to-day workload including casework, recruitment, policy, and more, we concentrate on talent management and a culture and environment encompassing:

  • Personal development
  • Career progression
  • Energised and engaged employees
  • Inspiring and motivating managers
  • Strong leadership and clear communication
  • Being well respected and influential
  • Innovation and forward thinking/technological advances

About our team

With sound teamwork and a high level of communication, we offer a strong supporting culture to colleagues.
There is a real opportunity to use your knowledge to make a difference, as we offer solutions and advice that are respected throughout the organisation.

About working here

We are committed to personal development and training.
There can be opportunities to develop your career or move across departments/disciplines within Marley Group.
You will be a valued team member and actively encouraged to offer ideas on how to improve what we do.