The Marley Roof System: For Installers

A comprehensive roof system for streamlined installation

The Marley Roof System includes everything needed to install a high-quality dry fix pitched roof that meets all current building requirements. From the roof tiles to battens, and everything in between, this comprehensive system ensures compatibility and quick installation, with results that look great and stand the test of time.

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Fully compatible roofing products

With a single source for every part of the roof covering, installers can rest assured that all components will work together to create an attractive and fully compliant roof that goes up quickly and easily.

You can also enjoy simplified procurement and logistics, keeping projects on schedule and customers happy.

Dry fix made easy

The code of practice for installing slates and tiles, BS 5534, is an extensive document that establishes the importance of dry fixing in roof installation.

That is, the use of mechanical fixings in roof coverings in place of traditional mortar. While the standard isn't required by law, following its guidelines will contribute towards building regulation compliance.

As one of the early pioneers in dry fixing, Marley has developed many high-performance purpose-made systems for pitched roofs, including dry fix ridges, hips, verges, valleys, and ventilation products. We also continue to design and innovate new dry fix products, adding to and improving our range.

Marley solar panels being installed on residential project with Doncaster Council

Solar PV installer training and resources

For installers looking for a way to offer solar to their customers, Marley SolarTile® is the ideal choice. This roof-integrated solar system is provided as a complete kit and fully compatible with the rest of the Marley Roofing System. It’s installed directly onto the roof, acting as both a roof covering and electricity generating solution and making installation a breeze.

Marley SolarTile® is suitable for both new-build and retrofit projects and requires no special tools or skills – just a bit of know-how for a perfect installation. We offer training solutions and technical support to help installers get started with solar, including:

  • Installation videos and downloads
  • Solar Webinars
  • Instruction sheets and booklets
  • Advice on certification schemes - MCS
  • Details on Standards - Part L

How does it work?

Built from a comprehensive range of different components, our roof system works seamlessly together and has been tried and tested to ensure full integration and maximum performance.

So take the hassle out of roofing with a beautiful, high-performance Marley roof system.

Installing the Marley Roof System

All the components in the Marley Roof System are designed to work together, giving installers the benefits of streamlined installation, easy product procurement, building regulation compliance and customer satisfaction.

Base layers

As the only machine-graded battens on the market, JB Red Battens offer strength and reliability. There’s also a choice of high-performance underlays, including both vapour-permeable and non-breathable options, while our Roof Defence fire barrier adds an extra layer of protection between adjoining properties, such as terraced houses or blocks of flats.

Roof coverings

The Marley collection of roof coverings includes everything from clay and concrete tiles to timber shingles and shakes, giving you and your customers a huge range of aesthetic options. Tiles are available for low-pitched roofs down to 12.5 degrees and we also offer the Marley SolarTile®, an integrated solar panel that is installed in place of roof tiles.

Roofing accessories

The Marley range of roofing accessories includes everything you need to complete a dry fix roof installation, including vents, hips, ridges, verges and valleys.

A 15-year warranty

The Marley Roofing System is covered by a 15-year warranty, giving you and your customers complete confidence.
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