Western Red Cedar Shingles

Timber Shingles are a stunning, unique material that tells a story through time. From the warmth of the fresh Cedar, aging beautifully to a silver grey hue with each passing season.
A+ Environmental credentials (BREEAM)
Low carbon footprint
Preservative treatment
Natural Timber
14° Minimum pitch
Sustainable building material

Marley Timber Shingles are a truly beautiful, natural building material that showcase the warmth of timber for any roofing and facade development.

Experiencing the vast variety of textures and colours that our roof tiles provide up close can guide you in the decision-making process when selecting roof coverings. Our efficient sample service can help you in this process.

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Renewable and sustainable

The wood comes from a renewable resource and it is completely sustainable. It also has an incredibly low carbon footprint, so you know you are choosing an ethical product with minimal environmental impact.

Ideal qualities for roof shingles

Our cedar roof shingles are incredibly tough and robust, and resistant to winter frosts, strong winds, even nail impacts. As a result, you can be certain that you are investing in a shingle that is designed to stand the test of time.

They are free from defects, and also provide a high degree of thermal insulation to ensure a more pleasant environment for the occupants of the building. Our shingles also have PEFC accreditation for further assurance.

Marley roof shingles: The right choice for renovation

Our cedar roof shingles are ideal for renovation projects. This is because the red colour of the wood changes over time. As the wood ages, it develops a beautiful silver-grey hue, which helps the building to blend in with the natural environment. 

Incredibly Smooth Surface

The wooden shingles are made from a block of cedar. This block is sawn on both sides, resulting in a smooth surface.

Technical specification


 Blue Label, 100% Heartwood, 100% Edge Grain and 100% Clear


 400mm long, random widths 75mm - 350mm


 10mm at the butt, tapering


 Sawn both sides, rectangular


 Approx. 120 pieces

 Max Pitch


 Min Pitch 


 Min side lap



    Maximum Gauge  Covering m2 per bundle  Laid weight kg/m2  Battens per lin.m/m2
 75-90°  175mm  3.20  4.0  5.3
 22-74°  125mm  2.28  6.1  8.0
 14-21°  95mm  1.73  8.1  10.5

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