Roof Fixings

Marley’s innovative and durable roof fixings for robust roof systems 


An increase in the occurrence of extreme weather conditions over the last few years, bringing gale force winds, driving rain and heavy snowfall, has highlighted the need for secure roof systems. BS 5534, the enduring standard for best practice with regards to roof installations, was updated in 2014 to directly address concerns about the impact on roof fixings from such severe weather. It requires even more robust mechanical roof fixing, even where the roof system is mortar-bedded, and especially where clipping is involved.


Highly respected as pioneers in the industry, Marley has developed roof fixings, which comply not only with this updated BS 5534 but also with BS 8612, the standard laying down the minimum performance required for dry fix solutions. Our roof fixings are innovative in design providing easier installation for roofers, are made to the highest quality, and also carry a 15-year warranty to give you further peace of mind.  No less important is our desire to provide ecologically ethical roofing systems, from sustainable resources, so as to lower the impact the roofing industry has upon climate change.

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