Roofing Base Layers from Marley

A good quality roof starts with accessories you cannot see - the base layer

Marley underlays and roof battens form the first building block of the Marley roof system. The seamless compatibility of all elements of our roof system ensures reduced liability of design and installation. This means you are left with less wastage and more time to focus on the design and management of your project. We provide you with the peace of mind that underneath the attractive covering is a construction made of base layers offering a durable and low maintenance roofing solution.


Roof underlays, what do they do?

The secondary line of defence is the primary role of the roof underlay. Marley vapour permeable underlay is suitable for all UK wind zones to BS5534 standard and manufactured to present an ultra-strong and durable UV resistant layer. Our membranes also boast a variety of well-designed features to ensure correct and consistent installation to British Standard. Whilst the Marley non-breathable underlay offers exactly the same benefits, it is also an excellent lightweight alternative high-performance membrane. Both Marley roofing underlays are BBA approved.  

Why graded roofing battens?

The role of battens in roofing is crucial as it offers a fixing point for your chosen roofing material. Marley’s JB Red Batten is produced with stability and accuracy in mind; it is manufactured from slow-grown, high-grade timber, then kiln dried and machined to a consistent 25mm thickness. The manufacturing process, treatment, and marking fulfil all requirements of BS5534:2014 and BS8417:2011 and is further independently assessed by BBA and certified accordingly. It also carries 60-year desired service life against insect attack and rotting fungi. 

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