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We are committed to making a positive difference

For close to a century, Marley has been tackling some of the key challenges of the day. From launching the UK's first dry fix roof systems back in 1975, being one of the first UK construction materials providers to achieve ISO 14001 environmental compliance, and introducing the UK's first fully-integrated solar roof system in 2019.

As part of our journey, we continue to look forwards to where we can make a positive impact for future generations, addressing the environmental, social, economic and governance challenges society faces today and in the future (ESG).

We care about the way we do things and are passionate about making a positive difference in all areas we operate. We realise we have more to do. 

This is our long-term commitment.

Marley sustainability campaign using the 3 p's; planet, people process

A sustainable approach

Our sustainability journey extends across three guiding principles.

Planet - helping to reduce our impact on the environment. People - supporting colleagues and customers health and wellbeing. Process - doing things in an open, fair and transparent way. 

Take a look below at how we are progressing on our sustainability journey, and find out how we can help support you on yours.

Marley sustainability campaign graphic using planet


By continually reducing our environmental footprint, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste, Marley is committed to maintaining a sustainable environment and minimising the carbon impact of its operations.

  • Supporting the road to net-zero
  • Managing our natural resources
  • Encouraging biodiversity
  • Supporting more sustainable construction
Marley sustainability campaign graphic using people


All of us at Marley share in our culture and commitment to making a lasting positive contribution to our people, community, customers and partners.

  • Building safety into everything we do
  • Taking care of our customers and employees health and wellbeing
  • Training and up-skilling the industry 
Marley sustainability campaign graphic using process


Our approach to business is guided by a dedicated set of policies and procedures and specific board representation that gives us clear direction and supports fairness and transparency in all we do.

  • Operating in a fair and transparent way
  • Working within a clear policy framework
  • Operating to the highest standards and certifications 

Transparency - a group-wide practice

The entire Marshalls Group is devoted to sustainability. To show their commitment, Marshalls made it easier than ever to obtain the EPD files for their offering range; you can find it here.

Join us on our journey