Health and wellbeing

Why wellbeing matters to us

To perform at our best, in any walk of life, we need to take care of ourselves and those we work with. Over the years, through both employee and customer initiatives, we have provided support and guidance to reinforce a positive health and safety culture.

Safe in the sun

Marley's safe in the sun campaign has been running for 17 years. Every summer, we seek to raise important health care issues that arise from being exposed to the sun during the working day, for long periods of time.

According to the British Journal of Cancer, working outdoors in the sun can lead to one death and five new cases of melanoma skin cancer per week. A shocking statistic in its own right, but it really brings it home when 44% of those deaths come from construction workers.

Working on a roof, you are exposed to the sun more than most, so we have always seen sun safety as being a high priority for roofing installers. Our campaign has always tried to strike the balance between hitting home a hard message and positively encouraging roofers and merchants to take action. 

The 2021 campaign takes a Simple as 1 2 3 message...

Cover up, use sunscreen and hydrate.

Safe in the sun

Winter safety 

And the exact opposite when it comes to the winter months. Our winter safety campaign has helped to raise awareness of the dangers of ice, snow and wind and how roofers can keep themselves safe and warm.

As well as providing practical help and advice, we also support the roofing contractors we work with, by providing additional clothing and protective items, that they may not consider themselves.

Our advice also extends to which materials to use in cold weather, particularly focusing on choosing dry fix methods, as well how to store products during construction and protecting unfinished roofs.

winter house

Support when it matters

For our employees, we realise not every day is a good day. We have a duty of care to support our people, and offer an assistance programme that gives access to confidential support, covering diverse issues including financial, mental and physical well-being.

Our employees are really supportive too. Whether it's our annual golf day for the Mind charity, organising fundraising events to support local charities, or creating competitions and activities to support a business-wide team spirit, we're a fun and committed team to work with.

We also ensure our employees take part in our annual safe in the sun campaign, ensuring they take care of themselves, especially those working outdoors. If you're interested in coming to work for us, check out our careers page.

Safe in the sun
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