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We are urging outdoor workers to stay safe in the sun!

Our long-running wellbeing campaign enters it's 20th year, with advice on how to reduce the damaging affects of over-exposure to the sun's harmful rays. 

Since the we launched the Safe in the Sun campaign back in 2004, the central message is as relevant then, as it is today.

This year, to help spread the ‘cover-up and keep safe’ message further, contractors also have the chance to enter a prize draw to win £500 of Amazon vouchers to spend on tools. In addition, Marley is once again providing sachets of sun cream via merchants nationwide. These can be distributed to their customers to offer further protection as they work outdoors.

4 tips to stay safe in the sun

4 tips to stay safe in the sun

Whilst the sun is undoubtedly beneficial, in terms of general well-being and helping our bodies produce essential vitamin D, too much sun can cause serious problems - both now and in years to come. That's why we're encouraging roofers to focus on protecting their skin, and to check for any irregularities or changes, especially in moles exposed to periods in direct sunlight. 

What should I look out for? 

Check your moles

  • Has it got larger or has a new one appeared? 
  • Does it have an irregular outline? 
  • Is it mixed black and brown in colour? 
  • Is the mole bigger than the blunt end of a pencil? 
  • Are the edges inflamed or red? 
  • Is it bleeding, oozing or crusting? 
  • Does it feel different - itchy or painful? 

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above, visit your GP immediately to get it checked out.


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