We have a proud history of product innovation at Marley, take a look at some of our biggest changes to the roofing market below.
  • EcoLogic Ludlow Major Roof TileEcoLogic epitomises forward-thinking and innovation: manufactured using roughly 50% recycled materials as a part of Marley's sustainable building solutions and improving air quality by absorbing harmful atmospheric pollutants (NOx).

  • Low Pitch Mendiplow pitch concrete interlocking tile, Mendip 12.5, which has been designed with low pitch projects in mind. It has the same double pan design as the original Mendip tile, but has special weatherproofing channels so that it can be used down to a very low pitch of 12.5 degrees.

  • Roof Defence - Innovative Roof Defence, a fire-resistant barrier at party walls and between roof spaces.  With fire safety at the top of the building agenda, this patented invention will play an important role in future roof design. 

  • Marley SolarTile┬« - Marley SolarTile┬« is a roof-integrated solar panel roof tile solution, enhancing roof system specification with design flexibility, sleek aesthetics, industry leading wind and fire performance, all covered by the Marley 15-year full roof system warranty.

Need some inspiration? 

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