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Despite their popularity today, roof tiles did not play a significant part in the history of pitched roofing until Owen Aisher founded the Marley Tile Company in 1924.

After the First World War, roofing materials were in short supply, so in true entrepreneurial spirit, Owen bought one of the early Winget press machines and began making his own tiles. Little did he know that he would be responsible for transforming the roof tile industry in Britain both then and also for years to come.

Innovation stands at the forefront of our strategy. Whether developing roofing products and systems to provide solutions for the ever-evolving standards and legislations that we see today, to investing in our digital and service offering, ensuring the specification and installation of our systems are more efficient and reliable than ever.

At Marley, we are proud of our history and to this day we continue in the same spirit as we strive to advance the whole industry, through innovation and cutting edge roofing product design and technology.

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Innovating for today's world

Our latest innovations are designed to tackle many of the challenges we face today.

Dry Fix Accessories

From launching the UK's first dry fix system in 1975 to address the deskilled labour market, the subsequent decades have seen us test and develop these systems to provide the comprehensive range of Universal Dry Fix roofing accessories and components that we offer today. From ridge and hip systems, to underlays and vents, our accessories are a fundamental part of the complete Marley roof system solution, along with the 15 year warranty that provides peace of mind for our customers. 

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Low Pitch Mendip

Low pitch concrete interlocking tile, Mendip 12.5, which has been designed with low pitch projects in mind. It has the same double pan design as the original Mendip tile, but has special weatherproofing channels so that it can be used down to a very low pitch of 12.5 degrees.

Low pitched mendip concrete interlocking range
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Marley SolarTile®

Roof-integrated solar panels are an ideal choice for both roof refurbishments and new-build projects, providing an uncluttered aesthetic with no visible brackets or racking, as well as easy maintenance and our market-leading 15-year guarantee.

Marley SolarTile® can be fitted as part of a typical roofing project and installation is fast. Thanks to the patented push-together design, installation times of less than one hour per kilowatt peak can be achieved.

Roof Defence

Innovative Roof Defence, a fire-resistant barrier at party walls and between roof spaces. With fire safety at the top of the building agenda, this patented invention will play an important role in future roof design. Roof Defence has been shortlisted for the Product Innovation award for both the 2021 Structural Timber Awards and the Offsite Awards.

It provides full fire protection from one roof to the next, achieving up to a 60 minute fire rating, and can also be used as a cavity fire barrier in large roofs, or as a fire break in buildings such as schools, care homes and hospitals.

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Supporting innovation in design

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