Lynx Home U Series Battery Storage

5.4 - 32.4 kWh | Low Voltage Battery

The Lynx Home U Series lithium battery is specially designed for residential applications with superior performance. 

Energy stored for when you need it most

Lynx Home U Series is compatible with GoodWe ES/SBP inverters, and can be used flexibly for self-consumption and backup applications with a wide capacity range scalable from 5.4 – 32.4 kWh.

The installation and commissioning are easier and faster than ever with simple Plug and Play wiring and module auto recognition during system setup. A high efficiency solution for storing your solar power to use when you need it.

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Outdoor Durability 

Built to withstand outdoors conditions, making them suitable for homeowners seeking an efficient, weather-resistant solar solution.


Adheres to industry standards, including G99 Type A and G100, ensuring that installations meet regulatory requirements and operate safely.

Space Optimization

The compact design allows homeowners to optimize space, regardless of whether installed indoors our out. 

Backup Power

Reliable backup power feature provides continuous energy during grid outages to maintain essential functions with UPS level switching in under 10ms.

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Technical Data

Model MALX U5.4-20  2 x unit  3 x unit  4 x unit  5 x unit  6 x unit 
Weight 57kg 114kg  171kg 228kg  285kg  342kg 
Dimensions (W x H x D)  505 x 570 x 175mm (LX U5.4-20)
Rated Energy*  5.4kWh 10.8kWh  16.2kWh  21.6kWh  27.0kWh  32.4kWh 
Usable Energy** 5.4kWh
16.2kWh  21.6kWh  27.0kWh  32.4kWh 
Cell Type  LFP (LiFePO4)
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Operating Voltage Range 47.5 - 57.6V 
Nominal Dis-/charge current*** 50A  100A  100A  100A  100A  100A 

Nominal Power***

2.56kW  5.12kW  5.12kW  5.12kW  5.12kW  5.12kW 
Communication CAN RS485
Operating Temperature Range Charge: 0°C ~ +50°C / Discharge: -10°C ~ +50°C 
Relative Humidity  0 ~ 95%
Max. Operating Altitude 2000m 
Ingress Protection Rating  IP65 
Mounting Method  Wall mounted / grounded 
Standards & Certification
Safety IEC62619, IEC62040, IEC63056, CEC 
Transportation   UN38.3

* Test conditions, cell voltage 2.5 ~ 3.65V, ).5C charge and discharge at +25 ± 2°C for battery system at beginning life. System usable energy may vary with different Inverter.

** Test conditions, 90% DOD, 0.5C charge and discharge at +25 ± 2°C.

*** Nominal dis- / charge current and power derating will occur related to temperature and SOC.

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