The Marley Roof System: For Merchants

A complete roof system with fully compatible components

The Marley Roof System makes it easy for merchants to provide everything builders need to construct a new or refurbished pitched roof. The system includes battens, underlays, roof tiles, solar panels and dry fix accessories, and everything is compatible, ensuring quick and easy ordering and procurement for you and your customers.

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The complete Marley Roof System

Every part of a roof covering is included in the Marley Roof System – all backed by our 15-year system warranty.

The benefits of a roofing system

For contractors and installers, using a comprehensive roofing system from a trusted manufacturer means they can be sure of both quality and compatibility, giving them a streamlined route to creating attractive and high-performing results.

Marley’s comprehensive, one-source roof system, gives higher levels of accountability and product integration, reducing installation liability.

It also simplifies procurement and logistics, so installers can get the products they need when they need them – preventing project delays and ensuring a high-quality finished roof.
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Integrated solar roofing systems

Growing concern for the environment and increasing energy prices mean that more and more homeowners are looking to add solar PV systems to their properties – and contractors and installers are trying to meet those demands.

Marley’s SolarTile® is a roof-integrated solar panel that is easy to install, with a streamlined and attractive appearance. It’s easy for experienced roofers to install and is part of the Marley Roof System, meaning it’s compatible with all our tiles, base layers and dry fix ventilation and accessories.

We can also provide installer training, so you can supply it to your customers knowing they’ll be fully supported.
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How does it work?

Built from a comprehensive range of different roofing components, our roof system enables you to create bespoke specifications to match the specific needs of your customers roof projects.

All of our components are fully compatible with each other and have been tried and tested to ensure full integration and maximum performance. So take the hassle out of roofing by designing and selling beautiful, high-performance Marley roof systems.

When you stock Marley products, you gain access to a library of information and resources, so you can help your customers with design, specification, compliance, and installation.

Our free online tools make it easy to make calculations and we also offer a variety of training opportunities, so merchants and their staff have the skills and knowledge to sell roofing products with confidence.

  • Training – A choice of online or in-person courses covering topics such as roof systems product knowledge, solar PV and estimating.
  • Online calculators – Free tools and resources, such as estimators, solar configurators, CAD drawings, BIM files and fixing specifications are all available on our website.
  • Expert technical support – Our experts are available to answer questions and provide advice for any roofing project.
  • Marketing and sales support – Product information, sales displays and other resources to help you promote and sell Marley products effectively.

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