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The Marley Roof System - Merchants

Roofs can be complicated. But our tried and tested roof system is a no brainer.

With all elements designed to work together, our on-hand technical support team and our 15-year warranty, we not only offer you the chance of a clear head, but peace of mind guaranteed.

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Covering all bases

From rafter to tile and everything in between.

What's included in the Marley Roof System?

  • JB Red roofing battens
  • Roof Defence fire barrier
  • Marley high-performance underlays
  • Beautiful clay and concrete tiles
  • Timber shingles and shakes
  • Fully integrated in-line solar panels
  • Ventilation, clips and fixings
  • Verges, ridges, hips and more

Designing-in performance

We know that your time is precious. So we're committed to providing the very best service, support and tools to ensure that every one of your customers projects has a bespoke roof specification, designing-out potential headaches and designing-in performance and durability.

  • Bespoke specifications created quickly and easily for your customers projects
  • Maximum protection across the designed roof
  • Deal with one supplier to take responsibility for every part of the roof
  • Clear and comprehensive specifications for greater control over supply and installation
  • Assured quality standards from the market-leaders in roof systems
  • Provide your customers with a full 15 year system guarantee
So what makes up the Marley roof system?

How does it work?

Built from a comprehensive range of different roofing components, our roof system enables you to create bespoke specifications to match the specific needs of your customers roof projects.

All of our components are fully compatible with each other and have been tried and tested to ensure full integration and maximum performance. So take the hassle out of roofing by designing and selling beautiful, high-performance Marley roof systems.

1. Base layers

Get the foundations of the roof right and the rest will follow. Our JB Red roofing battens are the only machine graded battens on the market, which ensures they're strong and durable to hold the weight of the roof. Depending on how you customer intends to ventilate, we offer a choice of BS 5534 compliant, high-performance vapour-permeable or non-breathable underlays.

Our new Roof Defence fire barrier helps to prevent the spread of fire between adjoining properties, provides full fire protection from one roof to the next achieving a 60-minute fire rating and is quick and easy to install. Your customer has to fit a fire barrier, so give them a simple solution.

2. Roof coverings

The choice is yours. We have a wide range of clay and concrete tiles, with low pitch options down to 12.5 degrees, as well as timber shingles and shakes, to suit every project no matter the pitch, geographical location and finish required. With our fully integrated solar panels, your customers can now ensure their roofing projects play their part in generating renewable energy and generate more revenue for their business.

Designed to work in complete unison with the base layer, our roof coverings will certainly solve more than a few headaches!

3. Roofing accessories

Our dry fix systems provide mortar-free, fast, secure and durable detailing and ventilation options for all major pitched roofing constructions for an extensive range of tiles. We give your customers extra product choices to suit every roofing application...another potential headache taken away!

4. Peace of mind guaranteed

Marley roof systems are designed to last a lifetime, with a 15-year guarantee to back that up. We’re confident that our exceptional design quality, premium material selection and expert craftsmanship mean that Marley Roofing Systems will go the distance and provide your customers with the best solutions possible for their projects.
Image of the vapour permeable underlay available from Marley
Marley Roof System Edgemere
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Let's build your system

Find your inspiration

High performing, beautiful roofs

edgemere used on AJC homes Close up view showing Marley Clay Plain Tile and Ridge Lincoln vicarage lane case study in rustic red colour
AJC Homes case study featuring Marley edgemere Red house with a terrace Lincoln clay interlocking tile in natural red showing ridge detail