Renewable Energy System Solutions

Our complete range of renewable products, when working in unison, help UK homeowners, landlords and tenants become more efficient with the energy that they generate and use, whilst lowering bills and reliance on unsustainable energy consumption.

At Marley, not only can we provide a complete Solar Roof System, backed by a 15 year guarantee, but we can go further than that by offering a full system of renewable products as a whole package, from one supplier. 

Power from the roof > Through the home > To the road

Want to find out more? Let us help you source a solution tailored to your requirements.

solar battery inverter and ev together
solar panel freestanding

Generating power from the roof

Marley Roof Integrated SolarTile® not only looks great, but provides an efficient and unobtrusive solution to harnessing the sun's powerful energy. 

Designed to be an integral part of the roof, Marley SolarTile® is weathertight, low maintenance and compatible with all roof tiles and slates. What's more, the panels are backed by a 25 year manufacturers guarantee and can be installed alongside the complete Marley Roof System, with 15 year warranty.


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Energy ready for the home

All Solar panels require an inverter to provide energy that can be used throughout the home.

Our NEW ES G2 Hybrid Solar Inverter meets the needs of combined PV rooftop and energy storage systems. Optimise energy flexibility with maximum back-up of generated solar energy. Factor in its modern design and smart home integration abilities, the ES G2 is the ideal choice for residential applications.

The ES G2 Series Hybrid Inverter is also compatible with a range of batteries, including our Lynx Home U Series Battery Storage unit. One part of the Marley Renewable Energy System Solution.

solar hybrid inverter
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battery storage unit

Energy storage for when you need it most

Marley's NEW Lynx Home U Series 5.4 residential battery storage unit means energy generated throughout the day can be saved for use at peak times, when the need for power is greater, putting powercuts in the past!

With a simple, classy design, Marley's residential battery storage units lend themselves to both internal and external applications, and can be operated through smart control.

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Drive on Sunshine

The Marley Electric Vehicle Charger - Impossibly small, impressively smart. Charge your car with power from your solar panels. 

A compact yet powerful charger providing 7kW in the footprint of an A5 sheet of paper. With no requirement for visible Earth Rods, the sleek design offers a stylish alternative to invasive alternatives in the market that doesn't detract from a properties kerb appeal. All operational through a mobile phone.

EV charger and mobile app