Marley sustainability


Helping to protect and enhance the natural world.

Rebuilding natural forests

For every five solar panels sold as part of the Marley group, we support the planting of a tree through charitable organisations across the world. 

Known as the #FusionForest, this collaborative approach supports the long term rehabilitation of natural ecosystems by teaming up with organisations with local expertise. 

Marley Sustainability

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects operates in Nepal, Mozambique, Haiti, Madagascar and Indonesia. The charity employs local people to help reduce poverty and ensure that trees survive to maturity.

  • Supporting people living in impoverished communities
  • Restores healthy forests
  • Employs local people to manage the forests for the long-term
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Trees for Life

Trees for Life is on a mission to revitalise wild forests in the Highlands of Scotland, by creating a network of woodlands and forests, working with local landowners and communities. 

  • Enabling the restoration of the Caledonian Forest
  • Creating rich habitat
  • Supporting wildlife including red squirrels, black grouse and golden eagles
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Homes for wildlife

Across our manufacturing locations, we try to support and protect some of the diverse wildlife populations that live on and around our land. Employees at our Keele site in Staffordshire, have shown a special interest in protecting local wildlife, by undertaking activities, including:

  • Installing bat boxes along an established tree corridor
  • Creating bug hotels to encourage wildlife diversity
  • Protecting the conditions to support local newt populations at our quarry 

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Marley is a corporate member of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. We help to support them in the wonderful work they do to protect and enhance the wildlife and wild places of Staffordshire.

There are many aspects of the charity’s work that membership helps to fund including:

  • Looking after local wild places
  • Working with local people to encourage engagement with nature
  • Supporting and promoting campaign initiatives
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