Environmental Policy

Marley Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing products in the United Kingdom, and a roofing installation company within Scotland. The Board of Marley Group fully recognise the impact the Company’s activities, products and services can have upon the environment and sets environmental objectives and strategies to reduce this impact.

Marley Group will:-

  • Compliance to all applicable laws, regulations and standards concerning the environment.
  • Develop operational controls and manufacturing processes to prevent pollution.
  • Take positive action to reduce, re-use or recycle waste generated by its activities.
  • Incorporate sustainable materials in the manufacture of products.
  • Ensure it has the necessary knowledge, resources and workforce skills to maximise its contribution to the protection of the environment.
  • Communicate widely its Environmental Policy to encourage all stakeholders to share in its aims to promote excellence in environmental management.
  • Set clear objectives to improve its environmental performance.
  • Develop and maintain Environmental Key Performance Indicators to measure performance and drive the reduction of energy use, emissions and waste.
  • To continually improve our environmental management system to enhance our environmental performance.

Marley Group operate an externally accredited Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 14001, as a minimum.

Although the responsibility for developing the Policy rests with the Board of Marley Group, its success requires the continuing commitment of all employees.

Paul Reed