Roofing Underlays from Marley

Roofing underlays - the roof under a roof

Roof felt forms an important second line of defence for all tile and slate pitched roofs. It also becomes a primary weather shield during roof construction.

Marley roof underlays offer superb wind-uplift resistance and along with the integrated tape system - in compliance with BS 5534 - ensures tearing of the roof underlay and the risk of damage to the roof coverings is prevented.

What are the benefits of Marley non-breathable and Marley breathable roof underlays?

Both the non-breathable membrane preferred in constructions with traditional ventilation methods, and the breathable roof membrane used where the transfer of moisture vapour from roof space is required, offer multiple features to promote consistent installation to the British Standard. There is no need for the laps to coincide with tile batten courses, making the installation of our membranes easier and quicker, whilst reducing wastage - adding to the cost efficiency of your project.