Western Red Cedar Shakes

Naturally beautiful, the irregularity of our Western Red Cedar Timber Shakes makes them the perfect roofing or cladding solution for the most unique build designs
A+ Environmental credentials (BREEAM)
Low carbon footprint
Preservative treatment
Natural Timber
20° Minimum pitch
Sustainable building material

Marley Shakes provide a unique roofing and facade finish, while its natural qualities mean that the cedar ages to a stunning silver colour over time.

Experiencing the vast variety of textures and colours that our roof tiles provide up close can guide you in the decision-making process when selecting roof coverings. Our efficient sample service can help you in this process.

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The Shakes striking appearance, and the stunning silver hue it develops with age, makes it highly sought after for even simple residential roofing and cladding. The product is supplied by the bundle and comes in random widths, and only the top grade is supplied. They can be supplied untreated or with a preservative compliant with BS 8417.

Furthermore, it provides superb sound dampening for your roof as well as exceptional resistance to all weathers. It is available in several combinations of width and length. The size that is readily available from stock is 600mm x 19mm Heavies. A maximum 20% flatgrain is permitted, according to the shakes’ certigrade grading rules.

Hand-split from a cedar block along the natural grain, and then re-sawn, the shake exhibits a beautiful rough-hewn texture that lends itself to a variety of unique build projects and restorations.                Marley’s wooden shakes deliver the lowest carbon footprint and superb thermal insulation

Cedar shakes displayed vertically on housing project
Technical specification


Blue Label, 100% Heartwood, 100% Edge Grain and 100% Clear


600mm long, random widths 75mm - 300mm


19mm at the butt, tapering


Sawn one side and hand split, rectangular


Approx. 44 pieces

Max Pitch


Min Pitch





Maximum Gauge Covering m2per bundle Laid weight kg/m2 Battens per lin.m/m2
75-90° 250mm 2.12 6.1 3.5
20-74° 190mm 1.39 9.4 5.3

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