What Is the Minimum Pitch for Timber Shakes?

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The minimum roof pitch for timber shingles is 14 degrees and the minimum pitch for shakes is 20 degrees with a gauge of 190mm. At these low pitches (14-22 degrees), care must be taken and a water impermeable, vapour permeable underlay MUST be used underneath, with a ventilated space between the membrane and the shingles. At these pitches there is a possibility of some water penetration. 

Our timber shakes are the premier No. 1 grade Blue Label Western Red Cedar shake for roofing and cladding. From renewable and sustainable timber sources, the Western red cedar delivers outstanding rigidity, exemplary thermal insulation and stunning beauty. Marley's wooden shakes deliver the lowest carbon footprint and superb thermal insulation. "Timber is a good insulator and provides a high degree of thermal insulation with cedar having a thermal insulation value of W=1.1067° k/m² "

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