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Natural Resources

Minimising resource use

Across all our sites at Marley we implement a variety of different processes to reduce the amount of natural resources we consume in the manufacture of our products. We also seek to choose materials that have a lower embodied carbon, including switching to a limestone alternative in our concrete tiles.

We have introduced rainwater harvesting, bringing water run-off from our buildings into the clay manufacturing process, lowering our overall consumption from the mains supply.

Take a look below at how we are making strides to minimise resource use.

Recycled content

We have minimised our production waste by recycling materials used during the production process. This in turn has enabled us to achieve a minimum recycled content of 16% across our range of concrete tiles.

Our other recycling achievements include:

  • 100% concrete tile waste recycled in production
  • 100% timber waste material recycled off-site
  • 100% of wet clay reused in production
  • 100% of concrete paint washings recycled
Marley Sustainability

Responsible sourcing

Adoption of the BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing enables us to take a more responsible and sustainable approach to the sourcing of materials that go into making our clay and concrete products.

All of our timber is sourced from managed forests under the PEFC chain of custody certification scheme, and Marley has been third-party assessed by Timber Development UK (TDUK) to be classified as a 'Responsible Purchaser' within their Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) framework.

PEFC Certification

Waste management

We take action across the business to separate our waste streams and encourage recycling by our people. We also implement initiatives to remove waste from production practices and our pallet return scheme to increases the reusing of materials.   

  • All of our concrete and timber plants achieve 100% waste diverted from landfill
  • We operate a pallet recycling scheme for our customers, extending the life of pallets in circulation
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