Roof Defence

Marley Roof Defence is an intumescent roof cavity barrier against fire. It’s installed under tiles and between roofing battens to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke between adjoining properties in semi-detached and terraced houses.

It provides full fire protection from one roof to the next, achieving up to a 60 minute fire rating, and can also be used as a cavity fire barrier in large roofs, or as a fire break in buildings such as schools, care homes and hospitals.


Function & Compatibility of the cavity fire barrier roll;

  • No need to compromise on product specification - Integrates with the full Marley roof system and all tile types meaning no compromise on product choice, providing the only product on the market with a full system warranty from one manufacturer
  • Extra security with market-leading fire performance - Provides fire resistance performance up to 60 minutes for extra peace of mind for you and your customers
  • Quick, easy and simple to install - Simple and fast to install, with no special tools required
  • Versatile product suitable for multiple applications - Ideal for multi-home compartments and shared roof space buildings including semi-detached and terrace properties, flats, schools, hospitals, care homes with no maintenance required after installation
  • Design and technical support - Our dedicated technical team are here to make things simple, so if you need technical support, design advice or even have questions on installation our team are here to help
  • 15 year warranty guaranteeing extra peace of mind - Marley’s 15 year guarantee covers the whole roof system, including Solar PV, giving you consistency of warranty across the whole roof and offering extra liability assurance when completing projects
Fire barrier Roof build up available by Marley
Technical Data

   Roof Defence Intumescent Fire Barrier 6.3m  Roof Defence Intumescent Ridge Cap
Product Code   MA68020  MA68010
Material Properties
Colour  Red  Red
Finish  PE  PE
Overall Nominal Thickness  10mm  12mm
Length  6.3m  200mm
Width  100mm  100mm
Nominal Weight  2.8kg  145g
Sleeve Material  PE  PE
Storage   Dry  Dry
Transportation storage temperature  0-30˚C  0-30˚C
Cuttability  Cut to length using scissors or knife  Do not cut
Compressability  Do not compress  Do not compress
Working Life  >60 years  >60 years
Construction Type
Substrate/Base material  Spandrel panel OR masonry  Spandrel panel OR masonry
Maximum Air Gap  96mm  96mm
Physical Properties
Density  615 kg/m3  615 kg/m3
Fungal Resistance  Protected by polythene sleeve   Protected by polythene sleeve
Halogen  Low  Low
Density  630 kg/m3  630 kg/m3
Free Expansion  30:1 ratio  30:1 ratio
Activation Temperature  180-200˚C  180-200˚C
Reaction to Fire Classification  E  E
Resistance to Fire  BS EN 1363-1 2012 & ASFP TGD 19  BS EN 1363-1 2012 & ASFP TGD 19
Image of fire barrier being installed

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