Marley Roofing Systems

Welcome to the most comprehensive roof system on the market.


How Does it Work?

Our roof systems consistent of various smaller parts designed with focus on complete compatibility with each other. We ensure true accountability of each element in this perfectly integrated system, taking the hassle out of roofing and leaving you to concentrate on designing beautiful roofs.

What makes up the Marley roof system?

From base layers , timber battens and  roof covering to dry fix ventilation and detailing, all smaller parts are designed to make up one holistic system working in perfect harmony. Components that work seamlessly together allow for flexibility in design leading to superior aesthetics.

Changing the landscape of roofing

Marley Roof system is underwritten by a 15-year warranty to offer complete peace of mind in specifying and installation, warranty that covers more elements than any other manufacturer. 

A total roof system means for you:

  • A bespoke specification, produced quickly and easily for every project - no need to risk your liability by reusing an old one
  • Maximum protection of your design liability - all of our system elements are designed and tested to work seamlessly together
  • You deal with one supplier who takes responsibility for everything - freeing up your time to manage the project
  • Clear and comprehensive specifications - giving you the greatest possible control over the supply chain and installation
  • Assured quality standards from the market-leaders in roof systems
  • A full 15 year system guarantee for real peace of mind

1. Base layers

Universal Underlays - BS 5534 compliant, zone 1-5 compatible, vapour-permeable or non-breathable, fully taped underlay systems.
Image of the vapour permeable underlay available from Marley

3. Accessories

Dry fix, ventilation and fixings - Our dry fix systems provide mortar-free, fast, secure and durable detailing and ventilation options for all major pitched roofing constructions for a very wide range of tiles and slates.

2. Roof coverings

Marley offers an unparalleled range of clay, concrete and shingles and shakes to suit every sector, pitch, geographical location and aesthetic requirement.
An image of the front view of a curved roof that uses Acme double camber plain clay tiles, available from Marley.

4. The tools to help you

We know that your time is precious. This is why it’s only fair that we make a commitment to provide you with the very best services and tools to ensure that every one of your projects has a bespoke roof specification with potential problems designed out and performance, durability designed in from the start.
An image of a plain clay roof ridge being fitted to a tiled roof.
Hawkins roof tile on Zero Carbon House

Our experienced local representatives and Technical Advisory Service, are always on-hand to discuss and consult on all the roofing related aspects of your designs, coordinating the production of your bespoke specifications. 

Performance guaranteed

Not only do we offer the most comprehensive roof system in the marketplace, with more critical roof elements covered than any other manufacturer, but we also provide the extra peace of mind that comes with a 15yr roof system warranty.

roof systems warranty