Design, risk and liability:

Designing out risk in pitched roofing

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Despite being relatively simple in concept, the myriad of possible designs of modern pitched roofs and the huge choice of roofing materials available, creates challenges for the specifier when looking for a way to choose the right combination of products that will meet a project’s requirements.
Solar panels on pitched roofs in housing development

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Some areas that this white paper covers;

  • The role of a pitched roof and the basic components that make up a pitched roof assembly

  • Roofing components each have a role to play in the performance of the roof and we will look at what can go wrong if any of them are incorrectly specified or installed

  • Liability will also be covered – who is liable and if problems do appear, how do they get handled by the building contractors and building insurers?
Roof detail showing the roof curve with Acme Double Camber used
Complete roof system manufacturers are experts in their products and can provide practical support and advice to specifiers.

That, coupled with a system performance guarantee from the manufacturer, gives specifiers the peace of mind that they have chosen a route that minimises risk and maximises performance to deliver a robust pitched roof solution for their clients.

Solar panels on housing development