Responsible Sourcing

As the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing and cladding products, Marley Group are committed to sourcing raw materials and managing the supply chain in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our approach towards responsible sourcing encompasses the complete life cycle of our products, from raw material extraction and manufacturing to the supply of our products to customers and, ultimately, their disposal at end of life.

We undertake to operate ethically, to comply with applicable legislation, and to take responsibility for our actions with regard to quality, health and safety, workforce welfare and employment practices, environmental impact, water and waste management, the social and environmental impacts of transportation, and the reduction of greenhouse gases associated with the production of materials and products.

We are actively engaged in the development of products that improve the sustainability of the built environment and the use of resources.

We also develop and train our employees to ensure traceability and continuous improvement and support sustainable communities by providing employment and economic activity through fair operating practices.

Marley Group acknowledges the needs of stakeholders affected by its activities and those of its supply chains and is fully committed to meeting customer requirements with regards to product and service quality, whilst recognising the impact that the company's activities can have upon local communities and the environment.

We manage for long term financial performance, providing stability and enabling long term investment in social and environmental aspects which underpin the economy.

The Company has set policies relating to Resource Use; Waste Management; Water Extraction; Carbon Reduction, Transport, Employee Training & Competency; and Local Communities.

David Speakman