Roofing Shingles and Shakes

Marley’s red cedar roofing shingles and shakes – beautiful, renewable, sustainable


Enduring quality, ease of transport, and efficiency of construction contribute to Marley’s cedar timber shingles and shakes having one of the lowest carbon footprints of any building material.


The majestic western red cedar, used for both of these roofing products, comes from stewarded and sustainable timber sources. It is lightweight yet outstandingly rigid, and it provides exceptional resistance to all weathers and extreme temperatures. It is entirely renewable and boasts PEFC accreditation and full chain of custody for extra assurance, and our shingles and shakes can achieve A+ BRE Green Guide rating.


Whilst both products are made from the same western red cedar, their finished surfaces are produced slightly differently. Our timber shingles are produced by sawing a block of cedar on both sides, giving a smooth face to the front and the back, whilst our timber shakes are hand split from a cedar block along the natural grain and then re-sawn to produce one smooth surface.

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