Marley sustainability

Climate action

Carbon reduction

Tackling climate change is one of the world's most pressing challenges. We recognise our activities have both a direct and indirect impact on the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, so we are taking action to reduce our carbon emissions and supporting the UK's transition to NetZero.

We understand the solution to climate change comes through collaboration and partnerships and we are determined to play our part over the coming decade. That's why we are setting out our Carbon Reduction Roadmap, to determine the applicable technologies and processes that will support our journey towards net-zero by 2050.

British Ceramics

The 'British Ceramics: Towards Net Zero' sector programme supports ceramic manufacturers in the sharing and adoption of best-practice measures, to continually drive the industry forward towards net-zero emissions by 2050.

As a signatory to this member initiative, Marley is committed to working collaboratively on the decarbonisation challenge, through a range of energy and carbon reduction activities to help deliver low-carbon ceramic manufacturing in the UK.
For more information, visit the British Ceramic Confederation.
British Ceramics | working collaboratively with Marley towards net zero

Small changes, big impact

Each of our manufacturing locations captures data on energy usage and performance, which helps them to identify specific target areas to make a difference and measure the results. We will build these into our carbon reduction plans, which will enable us to drive changes on a collective level.

We have already converted nearly all of our sites over to renewable electricity, making an immediate impact on our reliance on fossil fuels and cutting indirect carbon emissions.

At our Keele clay tile site, we are reducing our overall energy consumption by utilising heat recovery techniques, redirecting excess heat from our clay kilns, to provide the necessary heat for our driers.

The shift to renewable energy
Marley SolarTile installed on domestic house

Marley SolarTile®

Recognising the importance of renewable energy and the excellent potential for rooftops as a host for solar panels, we launched the Marley SolarTile® in 2020. 

Marley SolarTile® was the UK's first fully integrated solar energy roof system, enabling our customers to benefit from designing and installing a fully warranted renewable solution into both their new-build and refurbishment projects.

With changes in legislation across the UK nations, designers will be more aware than ever that including renewable energy into their projects, will become even more necessary to support the UK's NetZero strategy.

Combined Marley solar panel installations since launch, generate over 70,817,750 kW-hours of renewable energy, which is enough electricity to power 24,000 homes each year*.

*Source: OFGEM average energy consumption data, based on 2020 Typical Domestic Consumption Values for medium electricity users. 

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