Roofing Accessories

Marley roofing accessories for the most comprehensive roof system on the market


We pay as much attention to the design of our roofing accessories as we do to our hugely successful range of roof tiles in order to provide seamless roof systems suitable for all building projects that are simple to install and require minimal on-going maintenance.


Marley’s collection of high-quality roofing accessories is extensive. Each product has been specifically designed to work in harmony with all aspects of the Marley roofing system and is fully compliant with BS 5534 and NHBC guidelines. Our ventilated systems – dry hip, dry ridge and abutment – are all weathertight and economical to install. Additionally, Marley’s ventilation terminals provide for natural as well as mechanical ventilation, ensuring your roof system can breathe from the inside outwards.


Other roof accessories offered by Marley include dry and cloak verges, hip and ridge, fast and eave, and ridge vents. We also offer both non-breathable and vapour-permeable underlays as complementary products. Our roofing accessories are 100% weathertight to ensure your roof is completely protected from the elements.

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