The Marley Roof System: For Homeowners

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Whether you’re looking to re-roof your home, add an extension, or build a new house entirely, you’ll want a roof that will provide years of excellent performance, whilst looking modern and stylish. A Marley Roof System can help you achieve your desired look with our market leading performance and system guarantee.

What is the Marley Roof System?

The Marley Roof System includes everything needed to cover your roof – all components are designed to ensure compatibility for easy installation.

With options ranging from clay and concrete roof tiles, as well as Western Red Cedar shingles and shakes, Marley offers market-leading products for kerb appeal and performance.

Our integrated solar panels make it easy to cut energy costs and make your home more sustainable and the entire system is covered with a 15-year system guarantee for your peace of mind.
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Roof systems with integrated solar generation

With increasing energy prices and growing concern for the environment, solar panels are a popular choice among homeowners looking to cut electricity bills and make their homes more sustainable.

The Marley Roof System makes it easy for homeowners to add solar panels to their properties, while also keeping roofing costs down.

Marley SolarTile® is a roof-integrated solar panel. That means that it sits flush with the roof and is attached directly to the roof in place of tiles or slates.

The result is a streamlined and attractive solar installation that also provides industry-leading wind and fire performance. And since SolarTile® is part of the Marley Roof System, it’s compatible with all other elements for quick and easy installation.
So, how does the Marley roof system work?

A complete roof system

Marley roof tiles are available in a wide range of styles and colours so there’s something to suit any project. Choose from handmade clay flat tiles, precision-made slates, smooth tiles for a contemporary appearance, or of interlocking and profiled tiles.

While the roof tiles might be the first thing you see when you look at a roof, there’s a lot more under the surface. The Marley system includes everything from the battens up.

The Marley Roof System brings together a comprehensive collection of components that are all guaranteed to work together seamlessly. It offers homeowners an easy option for planning a roofing project, and helps contractors to specify, procure and install the roof.

Base layers

The roof covering begins with battens, the timber pieces that run across the length of the roof and provide a surface for fixing the tiles. Marley’s JB Red Battens are the only machine-graded battens on the market, so you can rest assured that they’re strong and durable.

The next layer is the underlay, which provides an extra layer of leak resistance. And if your property shares a wall with another – such as in a terraced home – the Marley Roof Defence fire barrier will add fire protection between the homes, protecting your family and your property.

Roof coverings

Marley’s extensive collection of roof coverings includes clay and concrete roof tiles in a variety of profiles and colour options, and we also offer timber shingles and shakes. With so many options, homeowners can easily find a roof covering that suits their preferences, their home and the neighbourhood. And our fully integrated solar panels can help to make your home more energy efficient.

Roofing accessories

The collection of compatible roofing accessories includes vents, hips, ridges, verges and valleys. All can be installed using modern dry fix methods that use mechanical fixing instead of mortar, ensuring they meet all relevant building regulations and safety requirements.

A 15-year warranty

Our 15-year warranty provides homeowners with peace of mind that their roof will look good and keep your home well covered for years to come.
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