The Marley Roof System: For Social Housing Providers

Adding value with pitched roof systems 

With a Marley Roof System, housing associations, local authorities and other social housing providers can specify roofs that are economical and quick to install, without compromising on quality, aesthetics, or performance.

The benefits of a complete roof system

Marley’s Roof System provides everything you need to cover a roof and ensure it meets the latest building standards, as well as the most demanding of briefs.

Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we can provide a wide variety of roof tiles, shingles and even solar panels, combined with a fully compatible range of accessories. The result? Complete design freedom with the convenience and accountability of a one-source system.

  • Quickly produce bespoke specifications for a single property or many
  • Single supplier for easier control over procurement and logistics
  • High-quality roofing supplies from the market-leading manufacturer
  • A 15-year system guarantee
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Covering all bases

The Marley Roofing System includes everything needed to cover a pitched roof using safe and secure dry-fixing methods. Products are available to suit any roof pitch, including those down to 12.5 degrees, and with so many options to choose from, you can create a specification that perfectly suits your social housing project.

What's included in the Marley Roof System?

Solar for social housing

The UK’s net-zero strategy, along with the new Part L, means that cutting carbon and increasing our use of renewable energy sources are top priorities for the construction industry, as well as local authorities and social housing providers.

Installing solar panels on the roofs of new builds can provide an easy and cost-effective way to meet the new targets, while also cutting energy costs for residents.

Marley SolarTile® is a roof-integrated solar panel. It is easy to install, has a streamlined and attractive appearance, and provides industry-leading wind and fire performance. It can also be specified as part of a Marley Roof System, making it even easier to include solar in new-build social housing projects.

How does it work?

Built from an extensive range of roofing components, our complete roof system enables you to create bespoke specifications to match the specific needs of your roofing projects.

All of our components are fully compatible with each other and have been tried and tested to ensure full integration and maximum performance. So take the hassle out of roofing specification and design a beautiful high-performance Marley roof system.

The assurance of a complete roof system

The Marley Roof System is the most comprehensive on the market. For social housing providers, this means minimised risk, reduced tenant disruption, reduced roofing claims and compliance with building standards and regulations. And the system is covered by a 15-year guarantee for additional peace of mind.

Base layers

Marley’s JB Red Battens are the only machine-graded battens on the market, so you can rest assured that they are both strong and durable. Combine the battens with a choice of high-performance roof underlays, and you have a recipe for roofing success.

Fire safety

Fire safety is paramount and our Roof Defence cavity fire barrier adds an extra layer of safety between adjoining properties. It’s installed under tiles and between roofing battens to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke between adjoining properties in semi-detached and terraced houses.

Roof coverings

Marley offers more than 80 different types of clay and concrete roof tiles, and all are designed for performance, aesthetics and easy installation. Options include traditional plain clay tiles, sleek and modern concrete slates, and a variety of profiled and interlocking tiles in various colours and sizes. We also offer cedar shingles and shakes and Marley SolarTile® roof-integrated solar panels.

Roofing accessories

To complete the Marley Roof System, we offer a collection of dry-fix and ventilation roofing accessories including roof vents, hips, ridges, verges and valleys. All products are fully compatible with the rest of our roofing system, enabling social housing providers to easily specify high-quality roofs that meet every requirement.
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