ES G2 Hybrid Solar Inverter

ES G2 Series allows for quick-connect Plug & Play on both AC and DC terminals that greatly reduces installation time , making it particularly efficient and easy to install. Its elegant and compact design makes it a perfect house fit-in choice for private homes.

Solar Energy Ready for the Home

The ES G2 Solar inverter, ranging from 3 to 6kW, is a single-phase hybrid inverter designed to increase self-consumption of the generated solar energy, with the ability to control the flow of energy intelligently. The inverter can automatically realize UPS-level switching to the back-up mode in less than 10ms. Its smart design also offers great flexibility for installation in the home, or outdoors. Featured with plug-and-play, compact design, and minimal weight.

Importantly, ES G2 is compatible with our Lynx Home U battery Series for complete energy efficiency, giving homeowners a high degree of energy autonomy, reliable power supply and affordable energy prices.

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For housebuilders, landlords and homeowners throughout the UK, The Marley Solar Roof System has been established as a secure and effective way to generate energy for the home. 

Now there's more... We have developed our system offer to include a complete package of renewable solutions, for an holistic approach to building lower carbon homes. This is a range of renewable energy products that work efficiently together, from one supplier. 

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Technical Data

Model   MAGW3600-ES-20  MAGW3600M-ES-20  MAGW5000-ES-20  MAGW5000M-ES-20  MAGW6000-ES-20  MAGW6000M-ES-20 
Weight  20.8kg 20kg  21.5kg  20kg  21.5kg  20kg 
Dimensions (WxHxD)  505.9 x 434.9 x 154.8mm 
Operating Temperature Range  -25°C to 60°C 
Relative Humidity  0 to 95% 
Max. Operating Altitude  3000m (>2000m derating) 
Battery Type  Li-Ion 
Nominal Battery Voltage  48V 
Battery Voltage Range   40V ~ 60V
Max Input Power* 5400W   5400W 7500W  7500W   9000W 9000W 
Max Input Voltage 600V 
No. of MPPT Trackers 
No. of Strings/MPPT 
MPPT Operating Voltage Range  60V ~ 550V 
Max. Input Current/MPPT  16A 
Max. Short Circuit Current/MPPT  23A 
Max. Efficiency  97.6% 
MPPT Efficiency  99.9% 
*The max power is the actual power of PV.

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Our Solar Configurator makes pricing jobs and calculating panel performance simple. 

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