Universal 125 Vapour Permeable Underlay

  • Zone 1-5 Compliant
  • Integrated tape for sealing laps
  • Excellent resistance to water penetration
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • For roof applications
  • Durable
  • UV resistant
  • Guidance lines for minimum laps
  • Fabric weight 125g/m²


A lightweight universal underlay for use on pitched roofs with tiles and slates.

The Marley range of underlays have a number of built-in features to help make installing a roof quicker and easier whilst still complying to all current roofing standards.

Easy to handle - supplied in 1m width rolls which are easier to handle than wider 1.5m rolls, especially on a roof in windy conditions.

Guidance lines for minimum laps - the printed guidance lines provide a visual reference to ensure sufficient lap to the British Standard and to ensure that the underlay is laid consistently and straight

Function & Compatibility

To ensure maximum performance and quicker and easier installation, Marley roofing underlays feature an integrated tape system for sealing at the laps which:

  • Eliminates the need for a fly batten
  • Eliminates the need to increase laps to coincide with a naturally occurring tile batten
  • Saves money and time
Technical data

 Technical Data
 Product code  MA33155
 Mass per unit area EN 1843-2  125g/m² (+/- 12g/m²)
 Reaction to Fire EN 11925-2  Class E
 Water vapour resistance Sd EN ISO 12572  0.029 m (+/- 0.01g/m²)
 Water penetration EN 1928  Before ageing:  Class W1
 After ageing  Class W1
 Tensile strength EN 12311-1  Before ageing: MD   285N   (-65N)     CD   165N   (-45N)
 After ageing: MD   240N   (-65N)     CD   140N   (-45N)
 Elongation EN 12311-1  Before ageing: MD   70%   (-16%)     CD   90%   (-18%)
 After ageing: MD   30%   (20%)     CD   40%   (-20%)
 Tear resistance EN 12310-1 MD   125N   (-40N)     CD   120N   (-40N)
 Flexibility at low temperature EN1109  No cracking at -60C

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