Roof Battens

Roof Battens


Roof battens are a critical element of a pitched roof, providing structural and load-bearing support. They provide a secure fixing point for tiles and other roofing products and contractors may also use them as footholds during roofing installation.

Marley’s JB Red roof battens offer the utmost safety, durability and reliability for the ultimate peace of mind for specifiers, installers, and homeowners.

We also offer Type A Brown timber battens (previously known as JB Green) for non-roofing applications, such as walls, flooring and ceilings.

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JB Red roof battens

JB Red roof battens are made from high-grade sideboards that are slow-grown and kiln-dried, making them incredibly strong and stable. The red pigment makes them easy to identify during on-site inspections.

These are the only factory-graded roof battens with BBA certification. They are graded at our specialist timber manufacturing site in Gainsborough. Using our state-of-the-art Goldeneye technology, each roof batten is laser scanned to check for straightness and imperfections, ensuring compliance with BS 5534.

BS 5534:2014 is the code of practice for slating and tiling, including shingles. It sets out specific requirements that roof battens must achieve to be suitable for roofing applications. Learn more about BS 5534 and its requirements for roofing battens.

Only battens that have been pre- or factory-graded to BS 5534 can be called, or used as, roof battens. They must also be marked and supplied with relevant documentation. This is to ensure that the products used provide adequate strength and durability. Opting for pre-graded battens saves time on-site, reducing costs and risk.

Type A brown batten

Suitable for non-roofing applications such as support for wall cladding, flooring and ceilings, Type A brown battens are also made from slow-grown, kiln-dried timber and are preservative-treated to Usage Class 2 and are provided in lengths of 3.6m–5.4m.