Choosing the right shingles - understanding the label

two house built entirely with timber shingles

Only members of the Cedar shingle and Shake Bureau (CSSB) are able to use the Certi-label. The Bureau members are bound by rigid quality standards. In order to ensure these standards are maintained, the bureau arranges for frequent, unannounced independent inspections by third party accredited agencies. The manufacturing process and finished product are checked against various local, national and international standards.

All CSSB members are able to use the Certi-label, tucked under the strap of each bundle to identify that their product has been subject to the rigorous and elevated quality standards of the bureau.

Each point is listed as below:

The “Certi” Brand Name – your Quality Assurance

  1. The “Certi” Brand Name – your Quality Assurance
  2. Product type
  3. This is the organisation that overseas the ‘Certi’ brand and maintains standards within the industry
  4. Independent 3rd Party, quality control agency
  5. This number shows compliance with total quality manufacturing system
  6. Mill name, location and phone number
  7. Industry product description (Heavy Resaws denotes a Shake)
  8. Product dimensions
  9. Cedar bureau label numbers
  10. Building code compliance numbers
  11. Product performance tests passed
  12. Label identification number
  13. UPC code
  14. Coverage chart and recommended exposure
  15. Application instruction on reverse

Where can I get more information? 

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