Why Marley?

Putting it simply, we're the number one choice when it comes to roofing solutions in the UK. Each day we strive to find new ways to deliver brilliant products to elevate your incredible projects even further.
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Brands use big headlines to showcase what they have to offer and why you should buy their products, but it's the details that matter too. We're giving you #100Reasons why Marley is the perfect fit for your next project.

With over a hundred years of knowledge and innovation, Marley knows roofs.
Using Marley on your next project means that your build will utilise cutting-edge design and technology, all while in the safe hands of the industry's leading manufacturer.

We are at the very forefront of construction in the UK, so why not make sure your next project is too?
Discover our latest development, Marley SolarTile® and see why solar has never looked so good.   

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We've got an established history of working with key industry bodies within the UK construction industry, like CPA and NFRC, to help drive the industry forward and develop it for the future.
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Get ready for new part L regulations this June with Marley SolarTile, our innovative integrated solar solution that's supporting the drive to net zero.
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Reason #40

Reason #40

Our extensive range of tiles offer a beautiful aesthetic that's affordable, meaning you don't need to compromise your design vision to come in on budget.
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Reason #35

Reason #35

Our new Roof Defence fire barrier helps prevent the spread of fires in roofs. It provides full fire protection from one roof to the next, in terrace and semi-detached properties, achieving up to a 60-minute fire.
100 reasons why choose Marley roof tiles


We're here to provide advice and support to help bring your designs to life.

So whether you need guidance on changing regulations or technical information about specific products, our roofing experts are on hand whenever you need us. And with our online tools it means you've got 24/7 support.

We also allocate one Marley point of contact to each project, offering you complete peace of mind and reassurance throughout your journey with us. 


We offer the most comprehensive pitched roofing system on the market.
Our product offering includes concrete and clay roof tiles, roof fittings, timber battens, roof-integrated solar panels and roofing accessories. This complete roof solution offers an effective roofing system, which is designed and tested to work together – all supported by a 15-year roof system warranty.

Check out our ranges of roofing products, to help you with your next project...

  • Base Layers - Including JB Red and our Underlay range 
  • Roof Coverings - Everything from Clay and Concrete roof tiles to Timber Shakes and Shingles
  • Accessories - Our roof finishing's are compatible with all our roofing elements, and have been developed to provide seamless integration
  • Solar PV  - Solar Roof Tiles act as both a roof covering and electricity generating solution
  • Cladding - Discover the complete range of Marley Weatherboard products

100 reasons why choose Marley roof tiles
100 reasons why choose Marley roof tiles


Solar power has developed into an in-demand home improvement requirement, with the genuine cost-saving benefits of using renewable energy to help power our homes. Add to this, the sleek aesthetics of Marley SolarTile® and true kerb appeal can be added to long-lasting, maintenance-free performance.

Rebuilding Natural Forests
For every solar panel sold as part of the Marley Group, we support the planting of a tree through charitable organisations across the world.

Known as the #FusionForest, this collaborative approach supports the long term rehabilitation of natural ecosystems by teaming up with organisations with local expertise. So go green and choose Marley when building your solar rooftop.

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Innovating for today's world

Innovation stands at the forefront of our strategy.

Whether developing roofing products and systems to provide solutions for the ever-evolving standards and legislations that we see today, to investing in our digital and service offering, ensuring the specification and installation of our systems are more efficient and reliable than ever. 

Our latest innovations are designed to tackle many of the challenges we face today; Dry Fix, Ecologic, Low Pitch Mendip, Solar, Roof Defence.

100 reasons why you should choose marley